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The Missing Piece to Online Eyewear

When we first started looking into the online eyewear business, we saw one HUGE gaping hole in every single website we visited...

Why did NO ONE behind these companies actually have ANY medical or optical experience?

We consider our eyes to be a VERY important part of our daily lives, so we want to know that what we are using to medically correct our vision wasn't just mass produced and sent to us.

EyeWorx was born to fill this gap.

Why EyeWorx

EyeWorx is owned by an ophthalmologist and operated by certified opticians and medical professionals
who have OVER 40 YEARS of experience in the optical industry. This gives us three KEY advantages that
make our eyewear and ordering process unique:

Better quality products

Better quality products

EyeWorx's lenses and frames are made with only the best materials available! Our polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant, thin, and light, and prevent customers with high prescriptions from having overly thick lenses. Many of our frames include spring hinges for durability and use titanium and other high-quality frame materials for a high-end and stylish look.

But how do we guarantee each and every pair of glasses is crafted to perfection? By doing it ourselves.

We have our own lab based in the U.S. that has the latest eyewear equipment. Every pair of glasses is made right here under our supervision. And this lab has over 20 years of eyeglasses experience. Combine that with today's technology, and you just can't miss.

Your eyeglasses

Your eyeglasses will get "The Worx"

Every pair of eyeglasses we sell will NOT leave our lab until it goes through "The Worx," a thorough inspection of the eyeglasses completed by a certified optician. We check for accuracy of prescription and measurements, quality of the coatings, flaws or aberrations on the lenses and MORE.

We are the online retailer with the most amount of experience in the optical space, and you can SEE it when your high-quality optician-approved eyeglasses are delivered to your door.

Better quality products

Access to the most current eyeglasses trends

Just because we have a serious medical background, doesn't mean we can't have fun when it comes to style. In fact, our optical expertise actually gives us cutting edge insights into upcoming trends, before they even happen!

We have access to industry trade publications and our own frame representatives who have the latest scoop on the styles you love. We can provide YOU a wide selection of fashions that will appeal to your individual personality.

Meet your personal online optician!

At EyeWorx, we combine the convenience of easy online ordering with the peace of mind that every pair of glasses you buy have been scrutinized by a certified optician. And if that isn't enough, we throw in the latest styles and affordable fashion, so you can find what worx for you.

EyeWorx: We know eye wear. We know eye health. We know what Worx.