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EyeWorx FAQs

We can help you find what worx for you. With easy online ordering, quality lenses, and fashionable frames, you can achieve clear sight at the right price.

To make your ordering experience even simpler, check out this collection of frequently asked questions! If you don't see your particular question answered, send us a message! We would love to help!

  1. Your pupillary distance is exactly what it sounds like -the distance between your pupils. You need to take this measurement because it ensures your eyes align with the optical center of your lenses for accurate vision

  2. Great question! You can use a ruler to measure your PD in millimeters in front of a mirror, or you can enlist the help of a friend or family member. What you should expect to find is that an adult's PD is usually around 54-74mm and a child's is usually around 43-54mm.

    For more detailed instructions, take a look at our handy graphic below!

    PD Measurement in Two Ways: Solo and Duet

    On your own:

    • Stand up straight about 8-10 inches away from a mirror.
    • Hold a ruler above your eyes, along your brow
    • Look straight ahead and line up the ruler's 0mm mark with the center of your left pupil. (This works best if you close your right eye.)
    • Now open your right eye and note the distance in mm to the center of your right pupil. Write down the number in mm, so you don't forget!

    With a Friend:

    • Stand up straight facing your friend. You should be about 8-10 inches apart.
    • Your friend should hold a ruler above your eyes, along your brow
    • Look straight ahead and have your friend line up the ruler's 0mm mark with the center of your right pupil. (This works best if you close your left eye.)
    • Now open your left eye. Your friend should measure the distance in mm to the center of your LEFT pupil.
  3. Astigmatism is quite common, so this isn't a problem. We can still correct your vision with our ophthalmologist-approved, high-quality lenses. Just be sure the astigmatism is noted accurately on your Rx.

  4. What you need, we can provide! We offer both bifocal and progressive lenses if you have ADD or NV-ADD on your Rx.

  5. Contact lenses and glasses are two different vision correction techniques, and they require different prescriptions. To get the best results from your eyeglasses, ask your eye doctor for a specific eyeglasses prescription.

  6. Ordering non-prescription glasses from EyeWorx is easy! You just have to select the non-prescription option when our order form asks you to enter your prescription. Our non-prescription glasses can also be upgraded with convenient coatings like anti-glare.You also have the option of purchasing the frame only.

  7. We recommend that you get an updated prescription about every year or two to ensure you are getting accurate vision correction. Otherwise, your glasses may not be giving you the clear vision you want every day!

  8. All of our frames can be customized as prescription or non-prescription sunglasses. You can even choose the tint color!.

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